About Us

Smart Affordable Housing

Nationally, there is an estimated shortage of 7.2 million available affordable housing units, and with rising material and labor costs, the gap is continuing to grow. Cottage Homes by Vintage is tackling that shortage head on by providing new affordable homes that are built off site in a warehouse, then once complete, are shipped directly to the homeowner’s site for permanent installation.

Efficiently Designed and Built

Based in Shreveport, Louisiana, Cottage Homes by Vintage Construction Group was founded by David Alexander and Justin Sevier in early 2018. With over 45 years of experience in the real estate, development, and construction sectors, all of that knowledge is being put to work with Cottage Homes. By building these homes in a controlled environment, we are able to cut down on the typical inefficiencies found with site-built homes. Our approach to building eliminates weather delays, construction waste, and any adverse site conditions, all of which add time and expense to the typical construction project. Our experience and long-standing relationships with local craftsman, architects, designers, and suppliers helps us negotiate better prices for our client’s new home. These 480 to 1,331 square foot homes are permitted, built by local craftsmen, and inspected by the local building authority. Once the home is delivered to the site, the final connections are made and the porch is built. These porches add just the right finishing touch by giving you functionality mixed with a hefty dose of curb appeal. 

Our Mission


Our overall mission is to create and deliver stylish new homes that are not only affordable but also efficient, economical, and ecological. Living in a smaller footprint that is well planned by an architect saves homeowners money on utilities, which is not only better for them but also for the environment. Our homes can be tailored specifically to a client’s budget and needs as the floorplans easily adapt to a variety of finish options.